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Hot Games Area

Here is the list of Hot Games for the 2019 show! These games will stay on tables, set up, so that everyone gets a chance at them. Realize that more may be added as we get closer to the con, but this is a pretty good idea of what will be there. Architects of the […]

List of Lists

THIS IS THE LIST OF LISTS, SO IF YOU WANT TO SCHEDULE A GAME, FIND A ROOM MATE, SEE WHAT IS FUN IN ORLANDO, VIRTUAL FLEA MARKET OR THE MATH TRADE, LOOK BELOW:   Hotel Link   https://cariberoyale.reztrip.com/classic/en/special_offer?action=show&controller=landings&locale=en&rate_code[]=DICE9&rate_code[]=DICE9&starting_page=special_offer&vr=3   This is the 2019 Link, please use Group Attendee Dice 9   DTC APP   https://dtcapp.com/ […]

Escape Room Update

The 6 villages of the Island have angered the Island Gods! Can you work together with your village to appease them? The Escape Room will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Dice Tower Convention from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM. New sessions will begin every hour and a half. We went and tried out […]