Be a Game Master

Host Your Events at The Dice Tower Convention!

What is a Game Master?

A Game Master is someone who is an expert in their chosen game, brings the game and it’s components to the convention and holds events featuring that game at scheduled times.

We at The Dice Tower Convention recognize the important role that Game Masters play in the building of our hobby and the resulting enjoyment of attendees, and want to foster Game Masters at the show.


What are the Terms and Conditions of Being a Game Master?

By submitting events to The Dice Tower Convention you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will begin and end your events at the agreed time specified.
  • You will allow only attendees with the appropriate badge to participate in your events.
  • You will not move your events from their scheduled locations, nor occupy more space than allocated, without approval from The Dice Tower Convention Staff.
  • You understand that running events at The Dice Tower Convention does not make you an employee of the Dice Tower Con, or an Exhibitor.
  • You must be capable and willing to teaching the game to new players.
  • You must supply the basic materials for your event (game, dice, photocopies, etc.)

If you are excited about a game, and want to help expand the player pool by teaching it at the convention, you can run a Demo or an Event. What’s the difference?

  • In an Event, the game is played for as many tables as we have copies for. You may need to split the veterans up to teach the new players.
  • A Demo is meant to introduce and teach a game to new players, helping them with the rules as they play. Demos are expected to be about an hour long.

Can The Dice Tower Convention Provide Prizes for My Tournaments?

Possibly. Based on our available supply of promotional and/or donated material we may be able to accommodate prizing for your event. Please indicate this on the Game Master Application Form. There is no guarantee of any prize(s) being available for this purpose.

How Do I Become a Game Master?

Easy! Just contact us with the game(s) you’re interested in creating events for and how you plan on doing so. A staff member will contact you as soon as possible to finalize the details.