Event Information & More Updates

With the Con about 5 weeks away, we are getting ready in a hurry, but wanted to give you some info.

Merchandise pre-sales end June 1st, so get your stuff soon.

Check out the new Exhibitor Hall in the Caribbean Ballroom I-IV to demo games, grab some merch, and get sneak peeks at all the cool new games coming out this year before the crowds at Gen Con! There will also be Exhibitor events in the new Exhibitor Hall this year. Any events in Caribbean I-IV will be in the middle of that hall.

We have a full house of Exhibitors this year including: Arcane Wonders, Arcknight, Ares Games, Baccum Inc, Battlefoam, Bezier Games, Big Kid Games, Blue Orange Games, Catan Studios, CoolStuffinc.com, Czech Games, Devir Americas, Skybound Games, Elzra Corp, Exocrate Games, Fisher Heaton, Formal Ferret Games, Game Toppers LLC, Grey Fox Games, HABA USA, IELLO, The Indie Game Alliance, Jellybean Games, Kolossal Games, Lucky Duck Games, Luma, Mayday Games, Meeple Source, Plan B Games, Quick Simple Fun Games, R&R Games, Smirk & Dagger Games, Stronghold Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, USAopoly, Van Ryder Games, and Wiz Kids!

And in the side Bonaire Rooms: Asmodee North America, and Portal Games.

If you’re wandering the gaming hall, make sure to look for the “Player Wanted” signs or “Teacher Wanted” signs. We could always use new people to play games with! We also have a web app for helping groups find new players and teachers at dtcapp.com. Check it out. It’s free!

Remember, the most important thing is to relax and have fun! So don’t stress out over the little things.

Preliminary Event Schedule

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