More Announcements for Dice Tower Convention 2018

We have added some new merchandise to the page, and remember, you get a discount by pre-ordering merch. Some of the new items include Werewolf Shirts and Convention phone cases! The Werewolf shirts can be picked up at the Con from the Werewolf Team at night when they run their events. The phone cases can be picked up from the Dice Tower Con Merch Booth, which will be in the Exhibitors’ Hall in the Caribbean Ballroom West I-IV. The Merch Booth is open from 10AM to 6PM Wednesday to Saturday, and 10AM-3PM on Sunday.

Please note, the phone cases are pre-order only. They will not be available for purchase at the Con.

If you signed up for the Con Crew, keep an eye on your email as schedules are being sent out. Please confirm your schedule as soon as you can.

During the Saturday Night Raffle, Game Toppers will be giving away one of their amazing Toppers! Make sure you purchase some tickets for the Door Prize raffle because you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win this awesome gaming table!

There are going to be some Demos for new games in the Special Events room, where game companies and designers can teach Attendees how to play. Stay tuned over the coming months for more information on game demos!

The Virtual Flea Market and Math Trade are live!

Learn More About the Math Trade    Learn More About the Virtual Flea Market

We’d like to thank Ben Radjeski, BGG username BentlyCash, for running both of these events. He won’t be able to make it to the Con this year, but be sure to thank him for his hard work! The Math Trade and Virtual Flea Market meet-ups will be on Saturday afternoon of the Con. Participants are welcome to arrange meetings before the official meet-up, but make sure to meet on Saturday if you have not done so already.

Also, we have a web app to help fill out your game sessions at the con, http://www.dtcapp.com. Download the mobile app onto your phone or tablet and find games to join or host your own game for other convention goers to join! Special thanks to Michael Smotherman for his hard work on the convention app!

Above is a map of the convention parking areas. The areas highlighted in GREEN are the Overflow areas. Parking for the convention can be tight in the regular designated areas, but there will be 400 cars worth of overflow parking to alleviate the congestion and ensure everyone can find parking.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned over the coming weeks for more announcement for Dice Tower Convention 2018!