A Few Quick Announcements for Dice Tower Convention 2018

We have a few quick announcements to make about Dice Tower Convention 2018! First, this year’s Special Guests will include Rob Daviau, Eric Lang, Ignacy Trzewiczek, Richard Launius, and Richard Borg. Other personalities from the Gaming Industry will also be in attendance, as well as Tom, Eric, Mandi, Suzanne, Sam, Zee, and many other contributors from The Dice Tower!

Online event ticketing will begin on June 15th at tabletop.events. For anyone interested in submitting events, we will stop taking submissions on June 1st.

There are a few events you can start signing up for now! We will be continuing the special Pandemic Survival event this year. First prize will be admission to the GenCon Pandemic World Championships! A valid badge for GenCon is required to attend the World Championships. You will need to be a team of two to sign up for this event and there will be a MAX of 24 teams TOTAL for this event.

Sign-up for Pandemic Survival Event

View Pandemic Survival Rules

We will be running another Pandemic Survival Event at the Con for singles and other teams. The sign-ups for this event will be located at Board Game HQ during the con, and prizes will be supplied by Dice Tower Convention.

For all of you game designers, or people who just like playing games before they get famous, we will have a dedicated prototype space at the convention. We will also have a Designer Speed Dating event. The sign-ups for these events will be handled by award-winning Game Designer Rob Yates! Please note that the Publisher Speed Dating event can only accommodate 15 designers. All designers are required to have a completed Sell Sheet ready.

Sign-up for Designer Speed Dating Event

Sign-up for Prototype Event

Over the coming months, we’ll be able to announce more incredible events, such as panels by well-known designers, large-scale learn-to-play sessions with game publishers, prize events, and more!

We also have more info on parking for people not staying at the hotel. Parking for non-hotel guests will be $10.00 each time you leave. Upon your return, you will be required to get another ticket from the gate. The first 15 minutes of parking is complimentary. After 24 hours, parking fees will stack. For example, if you stay for 36 hours, your fee will be $20.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more info over the coming months!