Announcing Dice Tower Con 2018 Live Broadcast

We’re pleased to announce that Dice Tower Con 2018 will feature live coverage in the form of a video broadcast! Hosted by Marty Connell, from Rolling Dice & Take Names, and Chaz Marler, from Pair of Dice Paradise, the broadcast will go live Wednesday, July 4th at 12:00 PM EST and Thrusday through Saturday, July 5-7th at 9:00 AM EST. Over the course of the convention, tune in for appearances from special guests at the con, sneak peeks at upcoming titles, unique content and other surprises!

As the con gets closer, there will much more information on what sorts of content you can expect from the broadcast, so stay tuned!

You’ll be able to find the stream, along with plenty of other excellent content, on The Dice Tower’s Twitch Channel or Youtube Channel.