Dice Tower Convention 2017 Wrap Up

Another Dice Tower Convention has come and gone, and we’d like to thank you for another amazing year! We couldn’t have pulled this off without the hard work and support of our Con Crew, Organizers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and all the people who helped us out behind the scenes. And, of course, this con would have been for nothing without all of you!

You came from five continents, from as far away as Perth, Austraila (11, 395 miles!), and from all walks of life to attend Dice Tower Con 2017 and make it all worthwhile. You attended over 200 events during the course of the convention, from panels with game designers, industry professionals, and content creators, to game demos, to painting workshops, to Mega Games, and everything in between. You raised over $16,000 for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, which is just incredible. You checked out over 5000 games from the Convention Library. That’s a whole lot of gaming, and it only scratches the surface!

We’d like to thank all of the special guests and game designers for taking time out of their schedules to attend the con, sit on panels, organize events, and teach games during the convention. Thank you Ignacy Trzewiczek, Eric Lang, Zev Shlasinger, Richard Launius, Robert Burke, Steve Avery, Kelly North Adams, Richard Borg, James Hudson, Lance “Undead Viking” Myxter, Suzanne Sheldon, Chaz Marler, Stephen Buonocore, and Frank DiLorenzo!

We’d like to thank our sponsors at all levels for helping support this convention: USAopoly, Upper Deck, NSKN Games, HABA, Vile Genius Games, Queen Games, Kosmos, Mage Company, Bezier Games ,Devir Americas, Passport Game Studios, Druid City Games, Formal Ferret Games, Game Salute, Grey Fox Games, Indie Boards & Cards, Level 99 Games, North Star Games, and Ultra Pro.

We’d also like to thank all of our exhibitors for their contributions to the event schedule and con experience: Vile Genius Games, Upper Deck, Tortured Earth, Tasty Minstrel Games, The Broken Token, Stronghold Games, Renegade Game Studios, R&R Games, Queen Games, Quick Simple Fun Games, NSKN Games, North Star Games, Meeple Source, Mayday Games, Indie Game Alliance, Iello, House Rules Gaming, Haba, Grey Fox Games, Gigamic, Formal Ferret Games, Elzra, Eagle Gryphon Games, Druid City Games, Devir Americas, CoolsStuffInc.com, CMON, Czech Games Edition, Catan Studio, Bezier Games, Attack Dice, Asmodee, Ares, Arcane Wonders, and 8th Summit!

Thank you to the Con Crew who are too numerous to name here, but who deserve to be thanked for all of their hard work over the course of the convention:

Lori Havert, Molly Goltry, Heather Mann, James Allen Enyart, Vernon Dickson, Victoria Mann, Brynda Dickson, Danielle Dickson, Drew Hannah, Min Nemoy, Zane McCloud, Greg Dickson, Kevin Dickson, Robert Geistlinger, Stephanie Dickson, Aimee Janvrin, Alan Nanes, Alanna Dickson, Amanda Baker, Amy Chen, Anaisita Freeman, Ann Adair, Audrey Lawton, Barbara Willett, Betsy Ercolini, Billy Martin, Bob Gallo, Brennan Dickson, Casper Goltry, Cassie Friedman, Christopher Armstrong, Christopher Brehm, Christopher Lewis, Cindy Brodrick, Collin Pastorius, Donald Koehne, Edna Hughes, Eric Link, Gary Cox, Gerald L Willett Jr, Guadalupe Gonzalez, Hyrum Dickson, Jacob Daniel Parish, Janeen Lea, Jason Arons, Jason Malloy, Jean Blakley, Jeff Baker, Jennifer Campbell, Jennifer Giesler, Jennifer Runion, Jessica Savannah, Jim Williams, Joe Geddings, John Pock, Joseph McDonough, Josh Eads, Karen Oliver, Kate Morfa-Miller, Kayla Driscoll, Ken Cook, Kendal Ogles, Kimberly Smith, Kip Streithorst, Kirke Lawton, Lori Archer, Lynne Cook, Mallory Dickson, Marcia Streithorst, Mark Crouch, Mark Mistretta, Mary Griffin, Matthew Donovan, Maxwell Deutsch, Meg Sapp, Melissa Seidule, Michael Gadrim, Michael Guigliano, Michael McAfoos, Michael Shylon Thomsen, Michelle Estrella, Mike Tengendal, Mitch Manzella, Monica Rasso, Nate Neu, Nicholas Vollentine, Nik Burton, Noreen Walsh-Esrey, Pamela Deimund, Patricia Crebase, Peter Loh, Raymond Hill, Raymond Lee, Remiel Wai Kar Loh, Reuven Fischer, Robert King, Robin Brown, Ronald Coats, Scott Giesler, Sean Jones, Sean Savitt, Shane Alden Cotier, Sharon Wilkerson, Shawn Driscoll, Simon Leanos, Spencer Phillips, Steve Ercolini, Steven James, Summer Wethern, Teal Crossin, Thomas Darryl Shocklee, Toni Koehne, Torrence Gill, Tricia Cartier, Tristin Armstrong, Troy Bennett, Jon Tyler, and Sonya Tyler.

And finally, we’d like to thank all of you for making Dice Tower Con 2017 such an amazing experience! We look forward to doing it all again next year!

Speaking of next year, tickets for Dice Tower Convention 2018 will be available starting at Noon EST on November 21, 2017! Rooms are also available for booking at the Caribe Royale for next year. You can use the code “DICE8” for the Con Discount!

Stay tuned for more news, and we hope to see you all next year!