Plan Ahead with the Dice Tower Con 2017 Event Scheduler!

Dice Tower Con 2017 is looming closer and closer every week, so now is the perfect time to start planning for some of your gaming sessions! Though we will be offering many official gaming sessions with designers and demo sessions on our Event Schedule, attendees will no doubt wish to organize some of their larger gaming sessions well ahead of the convention. Which is where the 2017 Dice Tower Con 2017: Boardgame Scheduling and Meetup List comes in!

We’ve set up a place for Dice Tower Con attendees to organize their own gaming sessions as well as sign up for sessions run by other attendees! The list is meant for groups and players that wish to organize heavier games (3-5+ hours) without all the hassle of trying to figure it out on the fly when they arrive at the convention. The official guidelines and formatting of the list are outlined in the post itself, but we’ll go over some of the basics here so you know if this list is for you!

This list is to encourage attendees to post and schedule heavier games that they would like to organize prior to arriving at the Con. Due to the nature of Open Gaming conventions, the ability to get meatier games to the table is always a challenge, often due to the dynamic nature of the attendees, formal schedule, etc. For most Euro strategy games, pick-up sessions are quite easy at an open gaming convention. But by starting this list a few months in advance, players can start reviewing rules, assign players to specific countries/characters/etc.

This list should be used to post open games that require a larger block of time (3-5+ hours) These are not for OFFICIAL events and games that will be listed on the Dice Tower Con Schedule .

Got a wargame or an old Avalon Hill game that you’ve been dying to have hit the table? How about the game of Die Macher or Mega Civilization you’ve always wanted to try? What about a game of Fiasco? This list is for you!

Please also use this list to coordinate informal teaching/learning games for newbies.

The Listing on Board Game Geek will have all the information you need to organize your own games at the convention. In fact, the list already has a whole slew of games already in the process of being organized. You will also find links to the floorplan of the convention rooms, the Facebook group for the Con, the official Dice Tower Convention Event Schedule, and previous years’ Scheduler Geeklists. Check it out and get prepped for the convention!