Dice Tower Convention to Host MegaGame Society’s Watch the Skies

We are pleased to announce that The Dice Tower Convention 2017 will be hosting Watch the Skies at this year’s convention! Originally created by The MegaGame Makers, out of the UK, and featured on Shut Up and Sit Down back in 2014, the MegaGame Society has modified Watch the Skies and brought it to the United States for you to enjoy. (Disclaimer: There is strong language in the review from Shut Up and Sit Down. Be advised.)

What is a MegaGame? Simply put, a MegaGame is played by dozens of people (or more!), in person, in real time. Equal parts role-playing game and board game, it is an enormous, immersive story guided by the players’ choices, where anything is possible. Players are only limited by their creativity and imagination and are encouraged to approach the game with enthusiasm and ingenuity.

What is Watch the Skies specifically? In this MegaGame, aliens have landed, and it’s up to the nations of Earth to unite, or, at the very least, pass some UN resolutions and try not to spy on each other too much. There’s interesting alien tech floating around in the grey market which could give nations a leg up in their global struggle. How will it all shake out?

Players will join together as teams which represent the various nations of Earth, news reporters, and the alien visitors. Among these teams, each of the five members will fill a different role:

Head of State — The Head of State will listen to their advisors and ultimately call the shots to make plays that will ripple throughout the game and have unforeseeable consequences.

Deputy Head of State — The Deputy Head of State generally handles all of the shady, under-the-table business in order to help the country enact its plans.

Foreign Minister — The Foreign Minister holds talks with other countries at the UN Assembly, playing politics to outmaneuver enemies and strengthen relations with allies.

Chief Scientist — The Chief Scientist researches new alien technologies.

Military Commander —The Military Commander controls the military and spies.

News Reporters work tirelessly in their attempts to uncover and report the truth and compete to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize. And the Aliens…well, you’ll have to play the game to see what they’re up to.

The game will be full of intrigue, politics, and creative maneuvering as teams attempt to find their way to a solution to the alien invasion. What do the aliens want? Should we befriend them or destroy them? Who should I ally with in my quest to reach my solution? Who should I ally against? All of this awaits you in the MegaGame Society’s Watch the Skies!

Stay tuned to dicetowercon.com for more information on Watch the Skies and how to sign up and reserve your spot.