Dice Tower Convention Welcomes Guests of Honor Eric Lang and Ignacy Trzewiczek!

The Dice Tower is excited to announce prolific game designers Eric Lang and Ignacy Trzewiczek will be Guests of Honor at the Dice Tower Convention 2017. With numerous wildly successful titles between them, such as Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island and The Others: 7 Sins, Lang and Trzewiczek are a veritable font of game design knowledge, and they are coming to share that knowledge with you!

Eric Lang, recipient of the 2016 Diana Jones Award, is the designer behind many popular games from the last several years. Lang is currently working on a game called Rising Sun, a heavily political war game set in Feudal Japan. Eric was greatly influenced by Japanese folklore and mythology growing up, and Rising Sun is born from his desire to bring that inspiration to life. A Kickstarter for Rising Sun will be launching on March 7th at 3 PM EST! If you’d like to talk about his latest work or get a picture and autograph, there will be a Meet & Greet with Eric Lang where you can come by and meet the designer behind the Call of Cthulu, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars Card Games, Dice Masters, Blood Rage, and The Others: 7 Sins! If you’re interested in learning more about Eric’s many projects, check out his website or follow him on Twitter.

Ignacy Trzewiczek is the owner of Portal Games and the designer of many notable titles such as 51st State, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, and Imperial Settlers. Also a prolific writer, Ignacy authored a book titled Boardgames That Tell Stories, a collection of essays written in conjunction with famous game designers like Rob Daviau, Antoinse Bauza, Bruno Cathala, and Mike Selinker. Ignacy is currently working on a spiritual successor to Robinson Crusoe in First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet. Building upon the base of Robinson Crusoe, First Martians introduces a integrated smart-phone app that brings the game experience to a whole new level. Check out the First Martians website for more information! If you want a chance to talk with Ignacy about his designs, there will be a Meet & Greet during the convention. Ignacy will also be a part of the Publishers Event where Publishers talk about their upcoming designs. You won’t want to miss it!

Both Eric Lang and Ignacy Trzewiczek will be on a Designer Panel along with Robert Burke and Richard Launius. If you’re at all interested in game design, come and listen to these accomplished industry veterans talk about their process and give out tips for any aspiring designers out there.

We’ve got a lot in store for the Dice Tower Convention, and we are immensely proud to welcome Guests of Honor Eric Lang and Ignacy Trzewiczek .